9-17-15 Wisdom

Opening Words
We arrive out of many singular rooms, walking over the branching streets.
We come to be assured that brothers and sisters surround us, to restore their images
on our eyes.
We enlarge our voices in common speaking and singing.
We try again that solitude found in the midst of those who with us seek their hidden
Our eyes reclaim the remembered faces, their voices stir the surrounding air.
The warmth of their hands assure us, and the gladness of our spoken names.
This is the reason of cities, of homes, of assemblies in the houses of worship.
It is good to be with one another.

Ken Patton


Wise Mind Venn Diagram

wisdom     From Mindful Compassion.   Paul Gilbert & Choden 

Closing Words
Because of those who came before,
we are;
in spite of their failings, we
because of, and in spite of the
horizons of their vision,
we, too, dream.

Barbara Pescan



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