About us

About Us

This group was started by lay members of the Unitarian Church of Evanston in July of 2015. We are a group of people who have struggled with our own addiction and the addiction of others. Our primary purpose is to create a safe space where we can work together towards finding sanity, peace, love, and healthy relationships in our lives.

We also hope to help lift the silence and shame that so often stands in the way of healing and to be an additional resource for our community.

We are open to members of UCE, friends of UCE and their families over the age of 18. We are a welcoming and inclusive congregation and define friends of UCE very loosely. If you find your way to us you are welcome. All we ask is that you try, as we do, to honor our relational covenant.


About this website

It's original purpose was help me feel like I was being of service and as a chance for me to learn about creating a website (it's my first). I now consider it as belonging to the group, a place for our archives and a place for us to collect outside inspirations and resources.