The Pagan 12 Steps


The Recovery Spiral, Cynthia Jane Collins, M.Div.

1. We admitted that we were harming ourselves and others and that our lives had become overwhelming.

2. Came to believe that a power within ourselves and our world could restore us to balance.

3. Made a decision to move our wills and our lives toward that Divine Presence.

4. Made a searching and fearless ethical inventory of ourselves.

5. Admitted to ourselves, to the Divine Presence, and to others the exact nature of our harm.

6. Were entirely ready to have our harmful patterns replaced by ethical coping skills.

7. Asked the Divine to transform us, giving us rebirth in our lives.

8. Made a list of all beings we had harmed, beginning with ourselves and including our world, and became willing to make amends to them all.

9. Made direct amends to all whenever possible, except when to do so would violate the Rede.*

10. Continued to take personal ethical inventory, and when we were wrong promptly admitted it and corrected it.

11. Sought through action and meditation to improve our conscious knowledge and contact with the Divine Presence, seeking only to choose in harmony with the greatest good.

12. Having had spiritual awakenings as results of these steps, we offered this opportunity to others and practiced the principles in our lives.

*The Rede is an ethical yardstick used by many Pagans, and especially Wiccans, and it means, "If it harm none, do as you will." (The Recovery Spiral, Cynthia Jane Collins, M.Div., p. 2.)