Integral Recovery 12 Steps
(Short Form)

1. I acknowledge that I have a problem and that because of _____________ my life has become unmanageable.

2. I take full responsibility for this problem and am willing to do the work necessary to heal.

3. I am coming to believe that there is a way out, and that the way out consists of an Integral Recovery Practice that simultaneously exercises my body, mind heart and soul.

4. I am ready to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of my past, and find the source of my pain, fear and suffering.

5. Having found the source of this pain, I am willing to release it.

6. Having found and identified the sources of my trauma and suffering, I am willing to do the healing work that is available and necessary for my continued growth and happiness.

7. Made a list of everyone and everything that I have harmed as a result of my unconscious and compulsive behaviors.

8. Made restitution and reconciliation wherever wisely and compassionately possible.

9. As part of my awakening process, I am examining my core beliefs, my values and life callings.

10. I continue to examine my ego structure with rigorous honesty and how my unconscious maps and stories limit or empower my life’s progress and unfolding.

11. Continue to evaluate my integral recovery practice and make changes or adjustments as necessary.

12. As a result of this awakening journey, I commit myself to a life of integrity and service.