The Twelve Steps of Self-Confirmation


(These alternative 12 Steps are taken from an article by Christine Le, Erik P. Ingvarson, and Richard C. Page which first was published in The Journal of Counseling & Development, Jul/Aug 1995 (Vol. 73 Issue 6, p. 603-609).

1. I realize I am not in control of my use.

2. I acknowledge that a spiritual awakening can help me to find a new direction.

3. I am ready to follow and stay true to the new path I have chosen.

4. I have the strength and courage to look within and to face whatever obstacles hinder my continued personal and spiritual development.

5. I commit to become fully aware of how my use hurt those around me.

6. I am changing my life and developing my human potential.

7. I am proud of my strength and ability to grow.

8. I will do all I can to make up for the ways I have hurt myself and others.

9. I will take direct action to help others in any way that I can.

10. I will strive to be self-aware and follow the new path I have chosen.

11. I will continue to develop my potential through helping others and strive to become fully conscious of myself and life around me.

12. I will continue to develop my own human potential and spirituality and will actively help others who cannot control their use of alcohol.