Organizational Addictions Resources

The links provided are for general information only and are not intended as a substitute for professional advice. The U.C.E. Addiction & Recovery Group is not responsible for information provided by other websites that are linked to this site. It is hoped that the following organizational resources will provide you with current, accurate, and helpful information about addiction and recovery. If you find broken links please let us know.

UU Addiction Ministries

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration:
National Institute on Drug Abuse:

Detox and Treatment Centers:
Sober Living:
Individual Therapists and Group Therapists:

Alcoholics Anonymous:
Quad A (AA for atheists and agnostics):
Adult Children of Alcoholics:
Families Anonymous:
Gamblers Anonymous:
Gamblers Anonymous Chicago:
Illinois Cocaine Anonymous:
Heroin Anonymous:
Sexaholics Anonymous:
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous:
Codependants Anonymous:
Eating Disorders Anonymous:
Overeaters Anonymous:
Emotions Anonymous:
Spenders Anonymous:
Debtors Anonymous:

Non 12-step: Online

Smart Recovery:
Secular Organizations for Sobriety:
Women For Sobriety:
Rational Recovery:
Charlotte Kasl 16-steps:


Teen Resources:

Teen Talk Line: